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The UBB is simple: It fits everything. For BBRIGHT frames, this means you can install 30mm. axle with Press Fit 4630 and the 24 mm. crank with the PRESS FIT 4624 (see characteristics in the versions page).

The UBB is a concept that encompasses and works with ALL BB standards, forever eliminating complicated BB/Crank compatibility problems. There is always a UBB crank to fit your bike irrespective of its BB type. What’s more, there is almost always an unexpected UBB30 upgrade solution for non 30mm frames!

  • UBB30 cranks are 100% compatible with BSA (68 & 73), ITA, BB86, BBB89, BB92, BB30, BB386 evo and BBRight frames (not with BB90 & BB94).
  • UBB24 cranks are 100% compatible with BSA (68 and 73), ITA, BB86, 89, 90, 92, 94, BB30 and BBRight frames (except for BB386 evo, because it’s not in demand).

The integrated design approach used in our Bottom brackets with our UBB24 and UBB30 cranksets has helped us solve confusing bottom bracket standard incompatibilities.


The UBB (Universal Bottom Brackets) system is not a standard, it’s all standards. Its UBB30 axle allows installation of almost any 30 or 24mm axle crank from ROTOR on, irrespective of BB type, because it encompasses all bottom bracket standards on the market. This allows for surprising and unexpected new options for upgrading bikes of any BB type.